For more than sixteen years, GREAT BEAR has set the standard and pushed the boundaries of modern contra dance music.  They are known all over North America for their epic dynamics, genre-transcending arrangements and deep dance grooves.  Andrew VanNorstrand (guitars and fiddle), Noah VanNorstrand (fiddle, mandolin and feet) and Kim “Mama Bear” Yerton (piano) are joined by Chris Miller (saxophones and banjo), Rebecca Bosworth-Clemens (clarinet) and Dana Billings (drums).

GREAT BEAR’s new album Magic Fantasy Dream Dance is now available for pre-order and we are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the completion of the project.  Click here for more info!

You may also be interested in some of our other projects…

TRIPLE A (plus!) – acosutic dance music with Andrew VanNorstrand, Amy Englesberg, Audrey Knuth and (often) Noah VanNorstrand

BUDDY SYSTEM – acoustic and live electronic dance music with Noah VanNorstrand and Julie Vallimont

SEAGLASS – acoustic dance music with Rachel Bell, Eileen Nicholson and Andrew VanNorstrand

GIANT ROBOT DANCE – Andrew and Aaron Marcus, Michael and Alex Ferguson, Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand make up this bizarre contra rock band 

GRAYAK – singer-songwriter Phil Grajko’s solo project often includes Andrew and/or Noah

THE REVELERS – rocking Cajun swamp pop featuring Chris Miller

BIG MEAN SOUND MACHINE – Dana Billings plays keys in this huge afrobeat / funk / avant-garde jazz ensemble